How to use the Doctrine command line developing a Symfony Bundle

Maybe you need to use the Doctrine’s command line while you are developing a Symfony Bundle (or anything else). This will make you able, for example, to validate the schema or to convert an annotated schema to its XML counterpart. Here is how to use Doctrine command line outside of a Symfony Application.

How to use LiipImagineBundle to manage thumbnails through Amazon S3

Configure LiipImagineBundle to create thumbnails of images stored on Amazon S3 and save a cache version of them again on S3 may be really painful. In this post I’ll try to guide you step by step in the configuration process, to have a full configured data flow to create thumbnails stored on Amazon S3 using

How to increase PHP memory_limit on

Some days ago I found myself on front o f a problem: my unit tests failed because of lack of PHP memory. This were the tedious error: PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 16640 bytes) As I use as continuous delivery server, I had to increase the PHP

How to upgrade the built-in PHP of your Mac (OsX)

Each Mac has a built-in Apache server that runs a built-in PHP. To upgrade it you need less than 10 minutes once you have understood all the steps needed. The same applies also to install the last PHP 7.1 version: you only need to change the required version of PHP (see below).

How to lazy load objects in PHP

Lazy loading is a mechanism that make the script able to load data only when they are required to. So, if we have to load a big graph of data, we don’t load it entirely at the start, but only when it is required for use. This mechanism is very useful as it maintain the

How to install XCode Command Line Tools

XCode is the development environment provided by Apple and it contains a set of tools useful for development. One of this tools is XCode Command Line Tool that […] gives terminal users many commonly used tools, utilities, and compilers, including make, GCC, clang, perl, svn, git, size, strip, strings, libtool, cpp, what, and many other

How to set the $PHP_AUTOCONF environment variable in MAMP (in 2 steps)

If you receive this error trying to install some new binaries using MAMP (for example, installing Intl PHP module), then there is a chance you’ll get this error in your Terminal: Cannot find autoconf. Please check your autoconf installation and the¬†$PHP_AUTOCONF environment variable. Then, rerun this script. This happens because you haven’t the Autoconf binaries